Mykola Khodorovskyi took a camera first time being a child in the age of 9. Capturing moments on film and digitally, he turns them into eternity - "Stop, moment, you're beautiful!", as Goethe wrote. Photography for Mykola - is not a profession but a passion for life-long and creativity of the soul. He looks through viewfinder with an artist eye, capturing the subtlest human emotions, and nature plays in all possible colors in his landscapes and underwater shootings. Looking at the photos taken by Mykola you can hear sound of waves and feel the ocean scent.

Mykola originally is from Ukraine, he has been a successful business owner before he came to Miami in 2010 and devoted his life to capture 
beauty of South Florida. As Mykola says, taken  pictures should stay in the historical archives of the state of Florida. Mykola has traveled half the world with a camera in his hand; he has the most beautiful places on earth captured in his Art Collection. Professional diver, he has never dived without a camera. Mykola issued the book «Diving in Egypt» completely illustrated by his underwater pictures. You can search for it on